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Standing Committees


Right Eminent Grand Commander


Constitution, By-Laws and Jurisprudence
Chair - Deputy Grand Commander
Eminent Grand Recorder



Charity & Education
Chair - Eminent Grand Generalissimo


Chair - Eminent Grand Captain General


Treasurer's Report
Chair - Eminent Grand Treasurer


Eminent Grand Recorder


Order of Cyrenes
Chair - Grand Recorder
Assistant Grand Recorder







Annual Budget Committee

Chair - Grand Senior Warden

Grand Commander Address Committee
Chair - Grand Junior Warden

Committee on Work
Chair - Eminent Grand Lecturer

Assistant Grand Lecturer
All Divisional Commanders

Memorial Service Committee
Eminent Grand Prelate
Eminent Assistant Grand Prelate


Commandery Prelates

Credentials, Registration, & C.C.F.C.

Chair - Grand C.C.F.C.
Assistant Grand C.C.F.C.

Convention Planning
Right Eminent Grand Commander
V. E. Deputy Grand Commander

Royal Grand Chief Advisor

Eminent Grand Treasurer

Eminent Grand Recorder



GEKT Deputy for VA

PGC Tony H. Ward

Website Management

Chair - PEC Larry D. Baker

PEC Leslie T. Cosby Jr.


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