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Scholarship Package




If your Father or Grandfather is a member in good standing of a Constituent Commandery of King Baldwin Grand Commandery, or if he was a member good standing at the time of his death and you are a high school senior, you may be eligible to receive financial aid from King Baldwin Grand Commandery.


1.  Applicants for a Scholarship Award must be a resident within the jurisdiction of the Virginia jurisdiction of King Baldwin Grand Commandery.


2.  Recipient must matriculate at a college or university at the beginning of the fall semester following graduation from high school. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


3.  Upon attending college or university, recipient will request the registrar to notify the Grand Commandery that he or she is officially enrolled as a student.


4.  To be considered for the award, the candidate must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (1st semester senior year) and authenticated by the principal or guidance counselor.


5.  Certification:  To be completed by the officers of the Commandery to which sponsor is/was a member.


The application must be completed and must be received in the Officer of the Grand Recorder no later than May 31st of Each Year.

Please send applications to:

King Baldwin Grand Commandery
C/O Tommy E. Campbell, E.G.R.
4 True Road
Stafford, VA 22556-1882











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